Park Pride Day 2019 | Saturday, May 18

10 a.m. - Noon

The Streamwood Park District invites the Streamwood community and friends to the 8th Annual Park Pride Day to help as we prepare our parks for 2019.

The Parks Department will provide the tools, flowers, and lunch. All you have to do is just join us with some hands ready to work! During Park Pride Day, volunteers can plant flowers in our sign beds, pull weeds from the park, and pick up trash to prepare for a busy Spring and Summer.

Directly following, you are invited to join us at the historic Hoosier Grove Barn for a complimentary lunch.

Interested in Volunteering?

Please contact Park Manager Amy Vito.

Thank You to our 2018 volunteers!

Abbey Davis, Abby Kubsik, Adam Kanyuh, Alexandra Robledo, Alicia Witt, Andrew Kubsik, Andrew Leardi, Ashley Davis, Ashley Mcleod, Barbara Scheffki, Bernice Verdino, Bob Morris, Brendan Thomas, Brian Nelson, Cadence Joseph, Cami Bauer, Cara Schmieder, Caryn Leonard, Anthony Leonard, Chantal Short, Chris Nolan, Cole Hermonson, Commissioner Adriana Armstrong, Commissioner Bill Wright, Commissioner Raees Yawer, Commissioner Richard Janiec, Commissioner Rick Brogan, David Nelson, David Thomas, Dawn Kubsik, Dawn Leardi, Dean Mussari, Deanna Scheider, Deneice Sanders, Denise Davis, Diana Furlan, Donna Robledo, Doraly Witt, Dorothy Portiera, Dustin Remsik, Eileen Avner, Eliana Wirsing, Emily Morris, Erica Scheider, Evan Hopman, Florence Graziano, Francesca Bove, Gena Lane, Gianna Portiera, Hannah Ferguson, Hugo Wirsing, Ivy Wirsing, Jacob Morris, Janusz Janowski, Jayden Wagner, Jen Hermonson, Jesse Aguilar, Jessica Ferguson, Joanna Mele, Joanne Lorkowski, Joe Vito, John Gondos, Jorge Gonzalez, Jose Robledo, Judy Feldhausen, Judy Vito, Julie Wagner, Kaitlyn Wagner, Kalia Verdino, Karen Budnik, Karen Roman, Katia Bove, Kayla Mele, Kylie Mitchell, Leah Paz, Leona Shoemaker, Lucianan Perez, Madison Dyer, Manfred Malagon, Maria Aguilar, Marion Janiec, Mark Bell, Mark Swedrowski, Markus Wirsing, Mary Henderson, Mary Jo Thomas, Matt Bauer, Matt Janowski, Maureen Morris, Melissa Dodge, Melissa Harris, Miranda Hopman, Monica O’Neill, Naomi Nolan, Nico Wagner, Owen Bauer, Pat Diehn, Paul Janowski, Peter Leardi, Robert Furlan, Rosemary Olmstead, Ryan Dodge, Saharai Malagon, Sarah Leardi, Sharon Dean, Sophia Scheider, Sophia Witt, , Stacey Hopman, Stacey Mitchell, Steve Lane, Sue McLeod, Theresa Mullen, Trish Bell, Vida Luzadder, Zachary Bell, Zack Caunar

Thank You to our 2018 sponsors!

We were also very lucky to have the support of numerous local companies who helped sponsor the success of this year’s event. Thank you:

1st Ayd | Advantage Trailer and Hitches | Costco | Creative Resource Personnel | Deo-Tek Inc. | Graf Tree Care | JW Turf | Pep Boys | Reinders | Ron Clesen’s Ornamental Plants | Stonegate Conference Center

Become A Park Pride Sponsor!