Swim Lessons

Starfish Aquatics Swim Lessons

Starfish Swimming is a nationally recognized swim instruction curriculum developed by the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI).

The Starfish Swimming curriculum is designed for students ages 6-months to adult. Benchmarks are established at each stage in the program that combine both swimming and safety skills.

Students participate in experiential learning activities that allow them to explore the water in a creative and comfortable environment. Correct swimming techniques are taught from the very beginning, providing an easy transition to swim team.

Streamwood Park District is an independent authorized provider of Starfish Swimming.


(6 months-3 years old with parent)

Children will develop comfort in the water while training adults accompany them in water safety and drowning prevention. The class does not teach children to become accomplished swimmers or to survive in the water, but it does provide a confidence-building, fun, and loving experience. StarBabies must have a parent/guardian in the water at all times.

Starbabies™ Achievements
Stage White: Trust & Comfort
Stage Red: Body Positions
Stage Yellow: Submersion
Stage Blue: Air Recovery & Rollover
Stage Green: Forward Movement


(3-5 years old)

Children will develop a high comfort level in the water and a readiness to swim, and children who are developmentally ready will learn functional swim skills. This class approaches the teaching of swimming through creative and fun activities in the water. Students work toward developing the five competencies and progress toward achieving the benchmarks at their own pace in a small-group setting.

Startots™ Achievements
Stage White: Trust & Comfort
Stage Red: Body Positions
Stage Yellow: Submersion
Stage Blue: Air Recovery & Rollover
Stage Green: Forward Movement

Starfish Stroke School™

For students of all ages who have achieved the green Swim School benchmarks. Students refine freestyle and learn stroke technique for backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and develop endurance.

Starfish Swim School™ Achievements
Stage White: Freestyle, Intro to Backstroke
Stage Red: Backstroke, Intro to Butterfly
Stage Yellow: Butterfly
Stage Blue: Breaststroke
Stage Green: Endurance

Starfish Swim School™

Students work toward developing the five core swimming competencies, and will receive color stage awards for each achievement. The color stages are used to divide students into broad ability groups. Learning is self-paced, but challenging.

Starfish Swim School™ Achievements
Stage White: Trust & Submersion
Stage Red: Body Positions & Air Recovery
Stage Yellow: Forward Movement & Direction Change
Stage Blue: Body Rotation
Stage Green: Integrated Movement

Private Swim Lessons

Our private lessons are designed for those who need one-on-one instruction. Students will share pool with others in private lessons. Instructors will be assigned based on student’s abilities. Instructor/student ratio is 1:1.

General Notes

  • Wait List: If you are unable to get into a class, please put yourself/your child on the wait list as classes may be added due to changes in enrollment.
  • Swim Lesson Viewing: In order for your child’s swim lessons to be most effective, we ask that parents watch all swim lessons from a distance that permits clear observation without distraction. Seating locations are on the bleachers or the chairs located by the concessions area. In addition, we ask that parents monitor all siblings or other children not in swim lessons during the time of your child’s lesson so that we may maximize learning for all lesson participants.
  • No refunds or make-up classes will be given for missed or forgotten classes. Cancellations will not be honored for missed or forgotten classes. To request a refund, a Customer Request or Refund Request Form must be completed and submitted with any required documentation at the Front Counter or Registration Counter at Park Place. Administration approval must be received before a refund will be issued. A refund, minus a service charge, will be given when a refund request is received a minimum of four (4) days before the start of the registered program.
I love how we were treated. I was very happy that my daughter feels more confident in the water. She is swimming a lot better than when we began this session.

A Mom

Kids loved the program. At first they were scared and didn't want to come, but after meeting their instructors they loved it and want to come back.

A Dad

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