Aqua Arthritis

Addresses range of motion, joint mobility, and circulation issues for this with arthritis. (Whirlpool available)

Aqua Arthritis Strength Training

Geared towards seniors to target full body muscle tone with equipment in both shallow and deep water.

Aqua Fit

Improve cardiovascular fitness with the water’s resistance. All muscles get a workout and stress on joints is reduced.

Aqua Belly Busters

Quick 15-minute aqua class targeting your abdominals.

Aqua Surprise

Each week will be a surprise, as we put Aqua Zumba®, water weights, pool noodles, or cardio to great music.

Aqua Zumba

Combines fitness & dance moves to upbeat Latin music with water resistance.

Cardio Conditioning Mash-Up

Add variety to your fitness routine with a different workout every week. Classes include interval training, circuits, and more.

Muscle Pump

USe barbells and various weights to get a full-body workout. Transitional weight room exercises done to music will give you muscular endurance.


Floor-based mat class designed for everyone. Non-impact, safe, and effective. You will improve flexibility, joint mobility, balance, and posture.


High motivation, mood lighting, good music, and an incredible workout on an indoor cycle.

Spin Bata

A fusion of cardio and strength. Your heart will be pumping on the bike, and just when you think it's over, it's time to mix it up with a floor workout.

Step Aerobics

Creatively layered step bench class designed to deliver a
cardiovascular workout that is guaranteed to burn calories.


20 seconds of all-out effort (very high-intensity training) followed by 10 seconds of rest. The cycle is repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. This class will include no less than 5 different Tabata Drills, warm up & cool down/stretch

Turbo Kick

Interval-based, full-body workout that begins with a sports-specific warmup. High-paced intervals follow with kickboxing-specific strength and endurance training sequences and east-to-follow combinations.

VInyasa Flow

Yoga focused on building a mind/body connection through flowing movement and breathing exercises. Students are encouraged to push their boundaries while building muscle strength and endurance. Class is designed to improve balance and coordination, and offer students the chance to practice mindfulness and self-care.


Shed some pounds with the Latin Dance exercise craze that is fun for dancers and non-dancers alike.

Zumba® Gold

A fun, Latin dance class for seniors to get you moving.

Group Fitness Notes

  • Non-registration classes are for ages 14 & older, unless otherwise noted.
  • Any Group Fitness class may be canceled or altered due to low attendance. Any class with an average of five (5) or fewer participants will be flagged/watched for one (1) month, and may be canceled or changed to registration class if average attendance does not increase.
  • Classes require four (4) participants to run.

Group Fitness Schedule

Questions about Group Fitness Classes?

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